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With 85.6 per cent of the vote counted, the Liberal Party has polled 57.4 per cent of the vote (3.44 quotas). Michael Ferguson and Peter Gutwein have been elected. The third Liberal seat will be fought out between Sarah Courtney and Barry Jarvis.

Labor polled 23.4 per cent of the vote and looks set to will lose Brian Wightman, with Michelle O'Byrne returned.

The Greens' Kim Booth should pick up the fifth and final seat in Bass after his party polled just 12.47 per cent of the vote. Palmer United polled just 5.13 per cent.

9.55pm: FRANKLIN ... Liberals 49.76% (2.99 quotas) Will Hodgman 19,249, Jacquie Petrusma 3675, Paul Harriss 2989. ALP 28.93% (1.74 quotas) Lara Giddings 9071, David O'Byrne 4724. Greens 16.64% (1 quotas) Nick McKim 7375. Projection: 3-1-1.

9.35pm: BASS ... Liberals 57.4% (3.44 quotas) Peter Gutwein 13,210, Michael Ferguson 12,604, Sarah Courtney 2730. ALP 23.16% (1.39 quotas) Michelle O'Byrne 5905, Brian Wightman 4639. Greens 12.7% (0.76 quotas) Kim Booth 5863. PUP 5.09%. Projection: 3-1-1.

9.35pm: LYONS ... Liberals 52.2% (3.13 quotas) Rene Hidding 9041, Guy Barnett 8001, Mark Shelton 6664. ALP 27.72% (1.66 quotas) Rebecca White 7057, David Llewellyn 4226. Greens 11.21% (.67 quotas) Tim Morris 4224. PUP 5.53%. Projection: 3-1-1, possibly 3-2-0.

9.35pm: BRADDON ... Liberals 58.74% (3.52 quotas) Adam Brooks 13,873, Jeremy Rockliff 12,549, Roger Jaensch 2673. ALP 23.4% (1.4 quotas) Bryan Green 5755, Brenton Best 3042.  Greens 6.68% (0.4 quotas) Paul O'Halloran 2705. PUP 7.24% (0.43 quotas) Kevin Morgan 1975. Projection: 3-2-0.

9.30pm: DENISON ... Liberals 37.5% (2.25 quotas) Matthew Groom 10,129, Elise Archer 4944. ALP 34.2% (2.05 quotas) Scott Bacon 10,943, Madeleine Ogilvie 1655. Greens 21.68% (1.3 quotas) Cassy O'Connor 7527. PUP 2.95%. Projection: 2-2-1.

9.05pm: Labor Leader Lara Giddings has conceded defeat.

8.55pm: The Greens Tim Morris is in a fight to win his seat in the the seat of Lyons. Morris has polled just 4081 votes, with his party polling just 0.67 of a quota. The Liberals Rene Hidding, Mark Shelton and Guy Barnett have been elected. Labor's Rebecca White leads her party's polling with 6967 votes, ahead of David Llewellyn on 4180, who appears to be Mr Morris's main threat.

8.30pm: The race for Bass looks all-but run and won with the Liberals easily winning three seats (Michael Ferguson and Peter Gutwein have both polled a quota). The interest remains in who will pick up the third Liberal seat with just 172 votes separating Sarah Courtney and Barry Jarvis.

8.25pm: The Greens' primary vote has plummeted this election, following on from the trend of last year's federal election. In Bass, the Greens' 21% primary vote in 2010 has dropped to 12.4% this time around. In Braddon it has roughly halved - from 14% in 2010 to 7% in 2014. In Denison it has gone from almost 25% in 2010 to 23% this year - the smallest decline in the state. In Franklin it has dropped from 27.35% to 16.26% and in Lyons it has dropped from 21.14% in 2010 to 10.9%.

8.22pm: In Denison, the Liberals will win two seats with encumbents Elise Archer and Matthew Groom returning. Labor should win two seats with Scott Bacon already holding a quota. The battle for the second ALP seat will be a close-run race - literally anyone on the ticket could win it. Greens (23.7%) dropped votes, with Cassy O'Connor finishing third but has just polled a quota.

8.15pm: A round-up around the seats. Franklin, with more than 63% of the vote counted has the LIberals on three quotas with 49.9% of the vote. Will Hodgman has two quotas in his own right and looks likely to drag Paul Harriss and Jacquie Petrusma across the line with him. For Labor (29.1% of the vote), leader Lara Giddings still doesn't have a quota but leads the vote for the ALP. David O'Byrne is looking in danger of losing his seat. For the Greens, (16.3%) leader Nick McKim has also failed to poll a quota but will easily hold his seat.

7.45pm: The interest in Lyons looks set to revolve around the fifth seat, with the Liberals already polling three quotas, Labor 1.5 and the Greens on 0.76. Barnett, Hidding and Shelton will be elected, as will Rebecca White from the Labor Party. The fifth seat has Tim Morris on 2784 votes ahead of Labor's David Llewellyn on 2347.

7.35pm: Bass looks likely to be 3-1-1 and more likely that Brian Wightman's seat is in doubt. Peter Gutwein and Michael Ferguson are both well ahead of where they need to be for a quota. Sarah Courtney is running third on the Liberal ticket. The Greens' Kim Booth is polling strongly for his party, while Labor has 20.6% of the vote, with Michelle O'Byrne leading Mr Wightman.

7.30pm: In Braddon, the Liberals also have three seats pretty much guaranteed with Adam Brooks and Jeremy Rockliff polling strongly. The fight for the third seat will be between Kyron Howell and Joan Rylah. Labor has just 19.8% of the vote with Bryan Green out in front of Brenton Best, who is at risk of losing his seat. The Greens' (7.6%) are in a fight with the Palmer Party (7.4%) for a possible seat.

7.30pm: In Lyons, the Liberals have pretty much three seats stitched up with 51.9% of the vote with Guy Barnett joining incumbents Rene Hidding and Mark Shelton in the mix. ALP has 23.3% of the vote with Rebecca White out in front with 2112 votes. The Greens have 11.6% of the vote, led by Tim Morris. 

BARRY PRISMALL SAYS: THE big upset for the night could be the loss to Labor in Franklin of its future leader David O'Byrne, with Labor polling just over one quota and Lara Giddings well in front of her leadership rival. The Liberals are polling 3 seats and the Greens 1. it would be a 3 -1-1 result.

In Denison the Greens are closer to 2 seats than Labor, with the Liberals sitting on 2 quotas.

If Mr O'Byrne loses his seat there will be pressure on Ms Giddings to retire from state politics to make way for Mr O'Byrne in a recount.

7.20pm: In Bass, the Liberals Peter Gutwein leading a Liberal team with 55.3% of the vote (3.45 quotas) ahead of Labor with 19.8% (1.24 quotas) and the Greens on 13.3% (0.8 of a quota). On these figures, Labor looks set to lose one seat to the Liberals.

7.10pm: A few worries for Labor in Franklin with David O'Byrne struggling badly in the count and the ALP looking in danger of only holding one seat. On current trends looking likely a 3-1-1 cut-up with Libs easily holding 3 quotas.

BARRY PRISMALL SAYS: At 7pm in Braddon the Liberals are polling almost 60 per cent of the vote or 3.64 quotas, Labor polling only one and the Greens on half a quota.

The Labor vote is down to 17 per cent and the Greens 8 per cent.

If the Liberals win four seats the two new MHAs would be Joan Rylah and Roger Jaensch. Sitting Liberals Jeremy Rockcliff and Adam Brooks will retain their seats.

7.02pm: First lot of votes counted for Denison and this one is a lot closer than the rest.  The Liberals are leading with 33.2% of the vote, but the Greens are close with 30.9% (led by Cassy O'Connor out in front) followed by Labor on 26.8%

BARRY PRISMALL SAYS: WITH a small vote counted in Bass  the Liberals are poised to pick up four seats if they can pick up Palmer United Party preferences.

Labor is polling just one quota. One of the two Labor ministers in Bass would lose their seat if this trend continues.

Greens MHA Kim Booth is on track to retain his seat, but these are early figures.

The unknown in Bass is who will win a third seat: Mayor Barry Jarvis or Liberal colleagues Leonie McNair or Sarah Countney. So far Mr Jarvis is in front.

6.53pm: Update for Lyons with 3% of the vote counted - Liberals 53.5%, Labor on 23.2% and Greens on 10.4%.

6.52pm: The first results in for Franklin with the Liberals leading with 48.1% of the vote, followed by Labor on 25.9% and the Greens (led by leader Nick McKim) on 19.5%.

BARRY PRISMALL SAYS: In early results in Braddon and Lyons the Liberals are close to four seats and Labor's Brenton Best is struggling against ministerial colleague Bryan Green. The Greens vote for Paul O'Halloran is hold up, but these are very early figures.

In Lyons the Liberals are polling close to four quotas. Greens deputy leader Tim Morris is closer to a seat than Labor is to a second seat, with Bec White the only Labor candidate polling well.

Former Liberal senator Guy Barnett is topping the entire poll in Lyons.

6.46pm: The first votes are in for the northern seat of Bass with the Liberals polling around 52.8%, with Labor on 15.7%, the Greens on 14.8% and PUP on 9%.

6.37pm: Early Lyons counting has the Liberals out with 59.3% of the vote (3.7 quotas) ahead of ALP with 21.5% (1.3) and the Greens on 9.2% (0.5 quotas).

6.35pm: Braddon earlier has Libs polling VERY well with 64.9% of the vote, the Greens strong with 11.1% and Labor on 10.4% ... but that's very early. PUP back on 4.4%

6.30pm: The first set of results are in for Lyons with the Libs out early with 35.4% of the vote (2.2 quotas), Labor at 30% (1.89) and the Greens at 18.6% (1.1 quotas)


Polling booths across the state have now closed. 

Votes will now begin to be counted with the first results to flow in within the next half an hour. 

The election result is likely to be called as early as 7.30pm tonight but it may take more than a week for the outcome of all seats to be known.   

Earlier, the leaders of all three parties cast their vote. 

A relaxed Premier Lara Giddings predicted the result would be tighter than forecast. 

A Newspoll released yesterday showed the Liberals were on track to claim 53 per cent support statewide, compared to Labor's 23 per cent. 

"There's a lot riding on this," Mr Hodgman said. 

Greens leader Nick McKim, who last week called the election in favour of the Liberals, said he was still willing to talk to any party if a hung Parliament is elected.   


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