Alleged airport bust a 'major success'

NORTHERN detectives have hailed the seizure of an alleged commercial quantity of methamphetamine at Launceston Airport as a major success.

Launceston police, acting on a tip-off, seized about 330 grams of the illicit drug at the airport on Wednesday.

Detective Inspector Scott Flude, of the Northern Criminal Investigation Branch, estimated that   the methamphetamine had a street value   between $200,000 and $300,000.

``This is another significant seizure of methamphetamine by police,'' he said.

``And it's obviously great to get those quantities off the streets of Tasmania.

``As a result of that investigation, two people were apprehended on separate flights.''

Detective Inspector Flude said a big concern to police was the fact that both people were charged with having travelled on false identification.

``You can't fly on a plane with a false identity,'' he said.

``We have done these charges before, but it's an increasing concern for police, with people flying using false identities.

``In the last 12 months, we have started to charge more people with it, and we will be proactive in that.

``Anyone who we find flying against those regulations will be proceeded with.''

Police have jointly charged a Youngtown man, 33, and a Youngtown woman, 21, with having trafficked a commercial quantity of methamphetamine, and having used false identification on an aircraft.

Detective Inspector Flude alleged that the woman was arrested at the airport for possession of the methamphetamine found on her.

Police have also charged the man with having breached bail and unlawful possession of property, which police allege was a stolen laptop computer.

The pair will face court at a later date.