Last-ditch robocall for Labor

LABOR has used a robocall to remind voters Liberal leader Will Hodgman previously said he would govern in minority, in a last-ditch effort to claw back support before Saturday's election. 

In an unusual tactic, the robocall, voiced by a Labor government spin doctor, features Mr Hodgman's own voice recorded at a debate in March last year when he told business leaders: ``I'm quite prepared to step up and govern this state albeit in difficult circumstances such as minority government.'' 

The words ``minority government'' then echo down the phone line. 

Mr Hodgman has repeatedly insisted since that the Liberals would govern in majority or not at all.    

Mr Dowling said it was unprecedented to use an opponents' voice for a robocall in Tasmania.

``Tasmanians deserve to know the truth about what he said,'' Mr Dowling said. 

``He cannot be trusted, and if he is saying one thing and then another about governing in minority what can he be believed on? Nothing.''

Mr Dowling said the call would be issued to 100,000 households statewide.

Mr Hodgman is not the only one to change his stance on minority government. 

Premier Lara Giddings' comments at the same event featured in a Liberal television ad earlier in the campaign which highlighted her response ``absolutely'' when asked if she would have Greens in Cabinet again. 

In January, she dumped the two Greens ministers and vowed never to do it again. 

Palmer United Party is the only other party to use the robocall tactic. 

Neither of the major parties will say how much they've spent on the campaign. 

Mr Dowling would only estimate the Liberals had outspent Labor three to one. 

He said the two parties appeared to have invested similar amounts in television advertising, but the Liberal Party had taken over more billboards and had far more signage across electorates.

Palmer United Party is believed to have outspent them all with some estimates putting their advertising spend at more than $1 million. 

PUP boss Clive Palmer claimed this week he did not know the campaign budget as his wife managed the finances.

Lara Giddings

Lara Giddings


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