Assault sentence slammed by legal service

THE Women's Legal Service of Tasmania has slammed the sentence of a man who bashed "the hell out" of his ex-partner.

Riverside man Daniel Leigh Evans, 40, pleaded guilty on Monday in the Launceston Magistrates Court to common assault.

The court heard about a prolonged assault which even the man's lawyer conceded was very serious.

During the attack Evans dragged the woman to their then home from outside kneeing her on the way and headbutting her once inside the house.

The assault included punches and throwing her into a glass shower recess which broke, the court heard.

At one point a drunk Evans threatened to slit her throat and said he would track her down and kill her if she called police.

The court heard the woman did not suffer serious physical injuries.

Taking in to account Evans's lack of criminal record Magistrate Reg Marron sentenced him to jail for three months but wholly suspended it on the basis Evans be of good behaviour for two years.

The Women's Legal Service of Tasmania's principal lawyer Susan Fahey said it was a woefully inadequate penalty.

"It is an appallingly light sentence at a time when an average of one woman a week is dying in Australia through acts of family violence," she said.

"It is time the judiciary started to send a strong message that violence, no matter who the victim is, is unacceptable in our community."