Jailed assault offender had been trained in cage fighting

Jordan Garcie Picture: Joshua Stebbings (Facebook.com/PhotographyByJosh)
Jordan Garcie Picture: Joshua Stebbings (Facebook.com/PhotographyByJosh)

A INVERMAY man jailed for an unprovoked attack on a 62-year-old in Launceston was a trained cage fighter.

Jordan Charles Garcie, 20, used a technical mixed-martial arts move to fell the man in Tamar Street last July.

Garcie was sentenced to four months' prison, with half the term suspended, by Launceston magistrate Simon Brown this month.

During his sentencing remarks, Mr Brown noted that Garcie's roundhouse elbow on the defenceless victim could have ended in tragedy.

Mixed-martial arts is a fast- growing full-body contact sport that can involve elbows and kicks.

Garcie's MMA history was not raised in court, but records show he competed in several cage fights with a Tasmanian-based combat sport organisation.

The offender, who went by the name Jordan "Too Classy" Garcie in the cage, has a record of one win and two losses.

It's a record unlikely to grow in this state.

Tasmanian MMA organisation Valor, which regularly holds fights in Launceston, states a zero tolerance policy towards violence perpetrated by its fighters outside the cage.

Yesterday Valor co-promoter Phil McNally said Garcie had been banned for life following his conviction.

"As far as we're concerned, Jordan Garcie ... will never fight for us again," he said.

"Anyone that fights for us, the head trainer or the head owner of a gym, they all know our policy."

Mr McNally said Garcie was well behaved until he "went off the rails" following personal issues.

Garcie had been attached to the Launceston based Hierarchy Fight Team, which had been suspended from Valor once previously. It has since been allowed to compete.