Bracknell man pleads guilty to kill threat

A Bracknell man has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill his ex-partner while holding a gun.

Adam Craig Zeuschner, 31, appeared in the Launceston Supreme Court yesterday.

On January 22 last year, Zeuschner got involved in an argument with his then girlfriend at their Whitemore home.

The defendant was in the process of moving out after being accused of infidelity, the court heard.

During the argument he said "call the f--king cops on me I'll kill you", while holding a 0.22 rifle.

Defence counsel Charmaine Gibson said Zeuschner was in the process of carrying his guns to the car when he made the threat.

She said that he was upset at the time after being wrongly accused of having an affair.

Police arrived and arrested him.

Zeuschner also pleaded guilty to pushing the woman and a number of firearm charges related to his unregistered rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun, which he kept under the couch.

Justice Robert Pearce will sentence him tomorrow.