Driver jailed for 10th drink offence

A RAVENSWOOD man will spend the next eight months in jail for his 10th drink-driving offence.

Ernest John Scott's drink-driving record stretched back to the 70s, the Launceston Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

The latest offence involved Scott, 56, driving at more than four times the limit through Ravenswood in 2010.

The disability pensioner, with tear drop tattoos, claimed he had been set up after being "fed" liquor by people working on his car at a property near his home.

During the night he was told to leave and take his car or risk having it damaged, the court heard.

Scott had claimed a woman from the group then phoned police to tip them off that he was drink-driving.

He was intercepted by police on Warring Street, Ravenswood, and returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.212.

He was disqualified from driving at the time.

Scott interjected several times during yesterday's proceedings, at one point telling Magistrate Simon Brown it was his wife's birthday.

Mr Brown said Scott had an extremely poor traffic record, including four driving while disqualified offences.

Scott's first drink- driving offence was in 1976, when he recorded a blood alcohol level over the then legal limit of 0.08.

This was followed by breach in 1979 and two in 1981 including one reading of 0.18.

In 1991 he blew 0.22, then 0.185 the following year.

In 2002 he was caught drink driving twice with readings of 0.264 and 0.318, the court heard.

In 2006 he was busted with a reading of 0.185 while driving.

Mr Brown said substantial jail terms, either wholly or partly suspended, had failed to deter Scott.

He said he was required to take into account the two-year driving ban handed to Scott at the time of the offence.

Mr Brown ordered him not to drive for 18 months on his release from Risdon Prison.