All is well for the future

THE Cavanoughs are building their family dynasty from water, fresh crystal clear spring water.

More than 30 years ago the Cavanough family bought their Springfield property when their son Hugh was only six years old.

Found south-west of Scottsdale, the property, like the rest of the area, sits above an aquifer, a naturally occurring subterranean lake.

Mr Cavanough said at its deepest the aquifer is about 50 metres and naturally contained by the rolling hills of the area.

Because of a fissure in the rock below the Cavanoughs' property, the spring water gently bubbles up from beneath the ground through layers of granite and quartz until it reaches the surface.

Twenty years ago Mr Cavanough's parents started bottling the water under the name of Springfield water but when Hugh's father became ill, the couple sold the naming rights to Gunns Ltd.

When Gunns went into receivership, they in-turn sold the name to Brown Brothers along with their Tamar Ridge vineyards.

Then a few years ago Brown Brothers offered the name back to the family and Hugh and his partner Stephanie decided to bring it back in to the fold.

"We were actually living in Darwin at the time and I was away 6-8 months of the year," Mr Cavanough said.

"We were on holidays visiting Mum and we were wondering what we could do to be at home more, so Steph and I had a talk about buying the name back and starting the business again and thought, `why don't we just do it?'.

"So we bought the name back but then after we did that we talked with people and realised that the name had too much of an association with Gunns so we thought it best to rebrand."

The name Cavanough water was decided upon to honour Mr Cavanough's father and now the family produces premium still and carbonated bottled water, which they call Beadless and Soft Bead respectively.

Wanting to differentiate their product from an already competitive market, the Cavanoughs use 750 millilitre glass bottles and sell their products through high-end outlets like delis, restaurants and cafes, as well as the Harvest Market in Launceston.

"Our water is low in mineral content so it doesn't have a chalky or salty aftertaste that you will find with a lot of other springs," Mr Cavanough said.

"And we don't carbonate the water by direct injection, we sparge it, resulting in a finer, softer bead.

"The taste and the soft carbonation process means the water has an almost sweetness to it."

The Cavanoughs put in a well and catchment pond to contain the spring's constant flow.

From the well the water is pumped up to the processing area by a solar pump. It is then filtered through three particulate filters and two UV filters, which denature any bugs or bacteria before it is bottled on the property.

Mr and Mrs Cavanough hope to continue to grow their water dynasty and next year will start producing a 500 millilitre range.