Repeat sex offender released early

A CONVICTED paedophile was on early release from prison for good behaviour when he sexually assaulted a young girl in Launceston.

Christopher John Wright, 33, of Launceston, was sentenced to two years' jail last week after committing acts of indecency with the girl and her sister in a park in October 2013.

It occurred just a month after he was released from jail for nearly identical offences.

In 2011, Wright was convicted of indecently assaulting a young girl and recording some of the acts which he then emailed to other people.

He was caught after a tip-off from the FBI and jailed with a release date of December 2013.

However Wright was freed in September, having received the maximum three-month reduction in his sentence.

According to the Tasmanian Prison Service the director of prisons "may grant remission to a prisoner as an incentive to, or reward for, good behaviour while the prisoner is in custody".

At the time of his latest offending Wright was also subject to Commonwealth sentencing orders including a condition he be of good behaviour for a period of three years on release from prison or face serving another year in jail.

In sentencing Wright last week, Justice Robert Pearce said the deterrent effect of his earlier sentences and participation in prison sex offender programs did not prevent his re-offending.

"He is not to be punished for his earlier offending, but it is relevant to the risk of re-offending and the protection of the public, particularly given that he re- offended so soon after his release," Justice Pearce said.

"He says that he now better appreciates his problem and is more hopeful of rehabilitation, but that is yet to be seen."

Wright is eligible for parole in June 2015.