Liberals lash out over 'Labor lie'

ESTIMATES from the Community and Public Sector Union that 1200 state service jobs would be slashed under a Liberal government have been labelled as "another Labor lie" by the Liberal party.

Franklin Labor MHA David O'Byrne yesterday called on the Liberals to confirm whether school attendants would be sacked under savings measures in the public sector. "As long as the Tasmanian Liberals refuse to outline where these cuts will fall, the jobs of every Tasmanian public sector worker are at risk," Mr O'Byrne said.

The figure from the CPSU is based on 625 jobs being cut in an effort to make the public sector more efficient, the amalgamation of two government departments, and reductions in ministerial drivers and the State Emergency Service.

Under the Liberal Party's policy the public service will be reduced by 500 full- time positions over two years.

The CPSU's estimate factors in the additional police, teachers and nurses promised by the Liberal Party, which Labor say will result in more cuts elsewhere.

A Liberal spokesperson said school attendants would not be outsourced.

"This is another Labor lie," the spokesperson said.

David O'Byrne

David O'Byrne