Liberals: Paul Harriss

Born at Franklin, Paul Harriss has lived in the Franklin electorate his entire life, like five generations of his family before him. Elected to the Huon Council when 28 years old, he has also been a very active member of the community. Paul had a long and successful cricket career and is a life member of two Huon clubs as well as the Huon Channel Cricket Association, where he is the current chairman. Paul was also president of the Southern Football League for three years and a founding member of the Tasmanian Football Council.

After starting his working life as a draftsman at the Hydro, Paul continued his drafting career in the private sector as well as running his own businesses then spent seven years as state manager of the Housing Industry Association. 

Paul has served in the Legislative Council since 1996.  

A proven parliamentary performer, He has also been chairman of numerous select committees where his reputation as a fearless politician, not afraid of tackling the hard issues, shone a spotlight on controversial government activities surrounding the appointment of senior public servants and the discredited builders registration system.

Paul’s decision to move from the Legislative Council and join the Liberal party to contest the seat of Franklin, was motivated by his concern for the future of Tasmania following the disastrous Green/Labor government.  

He believes Tasmania is at the crossroads, desperately needing leadership and that a brighter future can only be achieved with a majority Liberal government.