Zucco's Integrity Commission threat

FORMER Palmer United Party candidate Marti Zucco has threatened to take the party to the Integrity Commission after dropping his Supreme Court appeal against its registration yesterday.

The party has been cleared to stand candidates in the March 15 election after Chief Justice Alan Blow dismissed Mr Zucco's appeal at Supreme Court in Hobart.

Mr Zucco told the court he intended to withdraw his appeal, saying his "significant arguments" would be overturned by the ability of the Electoral Commission to show discretion in accepting the application of a political party to register in Tasmania.

Mr Zucco stood as a Palmer United Party candidate in the federal election and claims he was asked to encourage a non- financial member to lie on a statutory declaration in order to help the party meet the 100 members required to register as a party in Tasmania.

The Denison independent candidate said outside court that legal advice received since lodging the appeal prompted him to drop it.

"There's no point. Let's not waste the court's time, let's fight the battle in the Integrity Commission," he said.

However former Integrity Commissioner and Palmer United Party Denison candidate Barbara Etter said the commission did not have jurisdiction over political parties.

Palmer United Party state secretary James McDonald has applied for costs, which will require proving the appeal was "frivolous and vexatious".

Chief Justice Blow said that hearing would be held after the election to avoid influencing the polls.

Mr McDonald said outside court that he was happy with the result.

"We put our application into the electoral commission and they have approved our application," Mr McDonald said.

"Now we're getting on with our campaign and contesting the election."

Marti Zucco

Marti Zucco