Alleged victim changing his story: court told

UPDATED 5PM: The Supreme Court in Launceston has cleared a Youngtown man of a 2012 Ravenswood shooting. 

In a majority verdict the jury took just over two hours to find Shaun Keverall Kaye not guilty of shooting Timothy John Harris five times in the legs. 

EARLIER: A Ravenswood shooting victim broke the criminals' code of silence when he dobbed in his gunman and was now changing his story to save face in jail, a Launceston jury has been told.

The crown accuse Shaun Keverall Kaye of shooting Timothy John Harris five times in the legs.

Mr Kaye has pleaded not guilty to causing Mr Harris grievous bodily harm on July 12, 2012, on Castelmaine Road.

Mr Harris initially fingered Mr Kaye in a statement given to police in the Launceston General Hospital shortly after the shooting.

But in the Supreme Court in Launceston last week he recanted the allegation stating it was too dark to identify anyone and the gunman was wearing a balaclava.

He claimed police told him that he had to name somebody to get $30,000 victims compensation so he gave up Mr Kaye because he "f*****g" hated him.

Mr Harris, now in jail for trying to pull a gun on Mr Kaye a month before he himself was shot, was telling the truth to police, crown prosecutor John Ransom said today.

"The problem he has now is he's in prison,'' Mr Ransom said in his closing statement.

"Now being a dobber in prison is not a good look.''

Defence counsel James Oxley said the crown's case was a nonsense and it wasn't the jury's role to fill in the gaps.

"The crown would have you believe this case is like a puzzle," he said.

"If it's a puzzle it's a 100 piece puzzle with about half the pieces missing.''

Mr Oxley said the jury was being asked to have faith in a witness even the crown conceded lied in court.

"In front of god I think in this case," he said.

Justice Robert Pearce summed up the trial before putting the jury out to consider a verdict just after 1pm.