Man lied about shooter: court told

A MAN shot five times in the legs at Ravenswood lied about who did it to claim a $30,000 victim of crime payout, the Supreme Court in Launceston has heard.

When asked why he named Shaun Keverall Kaye as the gunman, Timothy John Harris said: ``Basically I came up with someone I didn't f---ing like.''

Mr Kaye, of Youngtown, has pleaded not guilty to causing Mr Harris grievous bodily harm.

The Crown alleges he shot Mr Harris in Castlemaine Road at Ravenswood just before midnight on July 12, 2012. 

In his opening statement, Crown prosecutor John Ransom told the jury there were witnesses who may not want to be at the trial. 

Yesterday Mr Harris denied telling police in an interview at the Launceston General Hospital just after the shooting certain details about the incident.

The police statement, signed by Mr Harris, reported him saying that while walking through Ravenswood he suddenly heard a voice telling him to get in to a nearby park.

``I put my hands up . . . I knew the male I was talking to was Shaun Kaye,'' the statement said. 

He now maintains he never said that. 

Mr Harris said police ``kept pressuring'' him to give up a name so he decided to implicate Mr Kaye.

Once he lied he had to stick with it to get his victim payment, he said. 

Yesterday Mr Harris said he was unable to see the gunman because the culprit was wearing a balaclava. 

Under examination by Mr Ransom Mr Harris conceded he was serving a prison term for an attempted aggravated assault.

The court heard that about a month before being shot, Mr Harris tried to pull a gun on Mr Kaye in the Sunnyhill Hotel at Ravenswood. 

Mr Ransom asked if he'd been prevented from doing so by the accused.

``I don't think it was Mr Kaye,'' he said. 

Defence counsel James Oxley told the jury the central issue was one of identity and the evidence would leave them with plenty of doubts. 

``You'll be left not knowing who shot Mr Harris,'' he said.

The trial continues today before Justice Robert Pearce.