Greens `grandstanding'

MOVES by the Tasmanian Greens to restore the original forests peace deal have been labelled as ``grandstanding'' and ``trying to sure up the extreme green vote'' by MLCs.

Greens leader Nick McKim yesterday announced he would table legislation when Parliament returned to restore the Tasmanian Forests Agreement to its original form before the Legislative Council ``took an axe to it''.

``The peace deal struck by unions, environment groups and industry was a historic moment in Tasmanian history, but the legislation to enact it does not reflect the agreement in its entirety,'' Mr McKim said.

The lower house passed the deal at the end of 2012, and the upper house referred the legislation to a select committee before passing it with several amendments, including a contingency coupe for specialty timbers and the delaying of reserve creation.

Rumney independent MLC Tony Mulder, who moved two amendments to the agreement, said he couldn't see a purpose in debating the issue again.

``It's just grandstanding,'' Mr Mulder said.

Forest Industries Association of Tasmania chief executive and signatory to the agreement Terry Edwards said the move was concerning.

``This is not an issue to play party politics with,'' Mr Edwards said. ``It's too important''. 

Elwick independent MLC Adriana Taylor said she thought the amendments by the upper house improved the legislation.

``They are just trying to shore up the extreme green vote,'' Mrs Taylor said.

Wilderness Society spokesman Vica Bayley said he did not oppose the move.

``The fact that it's consistent with the original agreement is welcome,'' Mr Bayley said.

Mr McKim said the upper house had now ``had a chance to reflect'' on the issue.

``Part of the democratic process is that Parliament can change its mind,'' he said.

Rumney independent MLC Tony Mulder

Rumney independent MLC Tony Mulder


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