Bridgewater clues sought

POLICE have begun testing items found in a house at Bridgewater that they hope will provide some clues to a Sorell woman's disappearance.

Jodi Michele Eaton was last seen six days ago at 2.30am at the house in Sage Court.

The 28-year-old mother-of- two had been drinking at the house and decided to stay, after having a fight with her partner. She was gone by 7am.

Bridgewater's Detective Inspector Tim Dooley said police were losing hope that she would be found alive.

"We are hopeful that we might find her, but the longer it takes, the harder it gets," he said.

Detective Inspector Dooley said police searched the backyard of the Sage Court property yesterday and expected to hand it back to the residents today, after three days of forensic testing.

He said police had found a number of items at the house that could give an indication of what had happened to Ms Eaton.

"There's been some stuff that we have found at the house that has caused us to raise our eyebrows and increase our anxiety," he said.

"We have got suspicions, we have got thoughts, but the reality is we need some firm answers."

Almost 30 people have been questioned about the disappearance, and Detective Inspector Dooley said all involved had been co-operative with police.

He would not say whether the search had become a murder investigation, but said it could change at any time.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.