Man jailed for assault, robbery

A LAUNCESTON man has been jailed for an aggravated robbery where he attempted to choke the victim.

Ricky John Izard, 22, was found guilty by a jury last year of punching the man to the ground from behind then taking his wallet.

The incident occurred in 2012 in Lawrence Street Launceston as the man was walking home from the Royal Oak Hotel.

While on the ground he was choked until he struggled to breathe, and punched twice causing the back of his head to hit the pavement.

Justice Robert Pearce said it could not be shown if Izard had delivered those blows but it didn't matter because he initiated the violence.

During the incident Izard and an associate demanded the man's PIN number, threatening they knew where he lived and would ``f--k him up'' if the number was incorrect.

``The initial forceful blow was from behind and the violence continued while he was defenceless and on the ground,'' Justice Robert Pearce said.  

``The risk of serious injury and even death from the type of blows that were inflicted is well-known.''

The victim suffered bruising to the head and black eyes but no lasting injuries.

``However, the incident, accompanied as it was by further threats, must have been terrifying,'' Justice Pearce said.

Izard had a poor criminal record leading up to the offence.

Ten days before the robbery he committed a common assault, for which he was subsequently handed his second suspended sentence. 

Justice Pearce sentenced him to 15 months' jail, with the final 28 weeks suspended.