Coroner ruling: Defacto did kill Bob Chappell

STATE coroner Glenn Hay this morning released a coronial report into the death of Hobart radiation physicist Bob Chappell that has concluded his defacto partner Susan Neill-Fraser was his killer.

Mr Chappell was last seen alive on his yacht on Australia Day 2009.

Neill-Fraser was found guilty of his murder in 2010.

My Hay concluded in his own investigation that Mr Chappell was killed following an attack by Ms Neill-Fraser when they were onboard the vessel Four Winds while it was anchored at Battery Point in Hobart.

He said Mr Chappell must have been either dead or deeply unconscious when his body was placed into the sea at or near the yacht.

``The cause of his death by asphyxia due to drowning cannot be ruled out,'' Mr Hay said.

``I can make no findings that any person other than Ms Susan Neill-Fraser, contributed to the cause of death of Mr Chappell.''