Assault not guilty plea

A RAVENSWOOD man charged with pointing a gun at his former partner has pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault.

Brady Allan Pyke, 28, appeared in the Launceston Magistrates Court yesterday for a preliminary proceeding.

Mr Pyke is accused of pointing a gun at his ex-girlfriend in April 2013.

In a tense cross-examination with defence lawyer Fran McCracken, the alleged victim said Mr Pyke had come home in an "angry" mood.

He retrieved a longarm from a room and began walking around the house with it, she said.

This scared her 11-year-old sister, who was in the house, and she decided to drive her home.

Once inside the car outside their home Mr Pyke approached and told her to get out while pointing the gun at the occupants, she claimed.

She spent the next few hours with Mr Pyke alone in the house.

She told the court that police later located three firearms at the Lambert Street property.

The alleged victim's brother also gave evidence.

Asked whether his police statement made earlier was true he said he'd lied in the document.

The man said at no time had Mr Pyke pointed a gun at anybody.

He said he'd lied about this because his sister had wanted to leave Mr Pyke and getting him locked up would make it easier for her to do that.

The matter was adjourned to March 17 in Launceston's Supreme Court.