Fire permits required in all regions of state

Fire permits are now required in all regions of the state, the Tasmania Fire Service says.

The permit period started at midnight last night.

The move has been prompted by recent hot, dry weather, which has led to the drying of fire fuels such as grass.

TFS Regional Chief Officer Ian Bounds said the permit did not stop landowners from burning vegetation.

``Our permit system allows for safe and controlled burning during favourable weather conditions, and landowners receive a greater level of protection when they comply with the permit requirements,'' he said.

``Removing fire hazards now will prevent a greater threat to lives throughout the summer.

``We encourage people to do so safely under the permit system before conditions make burning too risky.''

People holding a Type 2 Fireworks permit must not use these fireworks when the fire danger rating is predicted to be very high, at 25 or above. 

People are asked to check daily newspapers for the forecasted fire danger ratings, or to call the TFS to check.

For more information about the fire permits, call 1800 000 699 or visit