State Election date announcement coverage

Lara Giddings
Lara Giddings

The Examiner's chief political reporter Rosemary Bolger will be tweeting from Premier Lara Giddings's 2pm press conference where it is expected she will announce the date of the upcoming State Election. Follow her tweets here.


Nick McKim and Cassy O'Connor are now facing the media.

 Sacked human services minister @CassyOConnorMPsays "no hard feelings" to her former Labor Cabinet colleagues.

Greens@NickMcKim @CassyOConnorMPsay politics has won the day

Premier says Greens are irrelevant, the Liberals are the enemy

Premier says she understands some will be sceptical about her position on future deals with the Greens

Premier says partnership with the Greens has come to a logical end

Premier commits to not having Greens in Cabinet no matter March 15 election result, but is prepared to govern in minority


Before you get all the spin and commentary from our political opponents I want to make sure you get the facts from me first.

I'm about to walk into a press conference and announce that I have removed the two Greens Ministers from Cabinet and I will be recalling parliament for a special sitting to help secure a pulp mill. 

No issue sums up the difference between Labor and the Greens more than the pulp mill – a development that our State needs more than ever which will create 3100 ongoing jobs for Tasmanians.

Achieving a pulp mill is a big challenge, but over the last few years we have demonstrated that we can get the big things done under difficult circumstances – like 

.Despite this success, many Labor supporters have been telling me loud and clear that they want to make sure that next time, Labor governs without the Greens.

And I have listened. We will not govern again with Greens in Cabinet.

I want to fight for what Labor people care about and stand for. 

 and this means 

job-creation is at the heart of what we do

. We want Tasmanians to be able to get jobs in a modern economy – in a world class pulp mill, in renewable energy, mining, or digital industries.

The choice for Tasmanians is clear.

A Labor Government that has a vision for our future where we have both a  strong economy and a fair society.

Or a Liberal Party that wants to sack 500 public sector workers

 and is  too weak to stand up to Tony Abbott’s cuts

 That will hurt Tasmanian families and workers.

The decisions I have taken today send a strong message about  our key priority – creating jobs for Tasmanians.

I will give everything I have to this campaign, and I hope you will join me and the Labor team in these vital weeks ahead as we fight to re-elect Labor.

Tasmanians will go to the polls on  March 15 after Premier Lara Giddings finally ended weeks of speculation by naming the March election date a short time ago.


Parliament will be recalled on January 28 to strengthen pulp mill permits.

Labor's Brian Wightman takes on education portfolio, Bec White promoted to Human Services Minister, Craig Farrell gets corrections.

EARLIER: Premier Lara Giddings has sacked the two Greens ministers this morning ahead of announcing the election date.

Greens Leader Nick McKim and Cassy O'Connor were called into the Premier's office this morning and told their ministerial commission would be withdrawn effective tomorrow.

Mr McKim has held the education, corrections and sustainable transport portfolios while Ms O'Connor served as Human Services and Community Development Minister.

The Premier will make an announcement early this afternoon confirming the sackings, the date Tasmanians will go to the polls and her plan to recall parliament to fast track the pulp mill.