Ice age warning

PETER Lloyd (Letters, January 10) criticises those who believe a mini ice age is developing, rather than supporting global warming.

Doctor Habibullo Abdussomatov, a prominent Russian solar physicist, predicted that the Earth is heading for a mini ice age.

Since that prediction, he made several times and renewed recently, Germany suffered the coldest start in 2013 for more than 208 years.

North America is suffering extreme cold temperatures with up to minus 50 degrees. This is causing extreme havoc, with the cancellation of air flights and services.

But Mr Lloyd would have us believe this is global warming.

May I suggest that he look up on the internet "mini ice age" and see for himself the predictions by the Russian scientist and German scientists.

Perhaps then he will realise that an ice age is most likely where the Earth is heading.

He will then be able to relate current cold snaps with our climate to the Russian predictions.

It would be foolish not to heed the Russian warnings.

- JIM G. CAMPBELL, Ulverstone.