Hall assault charges

THE alleged victim in an assault became visibility distressed yesterday when images of her dressed in a nurse's costume were tendered to the Launceston Magistrates Court as evidence.

Launceston criminal lawyer Adrian John Hall has pleaded not guilty to three counts of common assault and multiple family violence order breaches.

The Launceston court heard Mr Hall allegedly held a former partner by her throat at their home on Christmas Eve 2012.

A short time later he pulled her legs out from under her, causing her to fall on her elbows, the prosecution alleged.

In a police interview played to the court, Mr Hall agreed there had been a verbal argument on the day but categorically denied the assaults.

He claimed the woman hurt her elbows after she fell off the toilet while kicking out at him as he stood in the bathroom.

She then jumped over their fence in to the yard of a woman whose ex-husband was being represented by Mr Hall for trying to organise a hit on his ex-wife.

The third alleged assault occurred months later when Mr Hall grabbed her wrist in the car park of a Newnham hotel.

The 41-year-old woman said she received cuts to her elbows after the assault on Christmas Eve but did not suffer an injury in the car park.

Asked why she didn't call police the woman said she "just put up with it" and did not want Mr Hall to get into trouble for breaching a family violence order.

Defence lawyer Greg Richardson said the couple's ongoing relationship after the assaults was proof they never occurred.

The woman said she continued seeing Mr Hall and holidaying with him because she felt pressured to do so.

"I want to suggest to you that's not something you would have done if you were assaulted," defence lawyer Greg Richardson said during cross-examination.

"Not true," she said.

Mr Richardson delved into the couple's sex life, asking whether there had been intimacy after the assaults.

The woman said there had.

He then tendered photos of her dressed in a nurse's costume in a hotel room taken during a rendezvous with Mr Hall.

The case has been adjourned until next month.