Lawyer pleads not guilty to assault

UPDATE: The ongoing relationship between a Launceston lawyer accused of assault and the alleged victim was proof the violence had never occurred, a court has heard.

The 41-year-old woman agreed she continued seeing Mr Hall and holidayed with him after the alleged assaults occurred. 

``I want to suggest to you that's not something you would have done if you were assaulted,'' defence lawyer Greg Richardson said during cross-examination.

``Not true,'' she said.

On the day of the first two alleged assaults it had been the woman who ``faced up like a boxer and by that I  me in a classic boxer stance your with your fists up'' to the defendant, he said. 

``(Mr Hall said ) if you think if that's a better way than having a coffee then hit me,'' Mr Richardson said.

``I don't remember that,'' she said.

EARLIER: The case against one of Launceston's busiest criminal lawyers accused of assault has began in earnest today.

Adrian John Hall, 38, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of assault against a former partner.

His also contesting 24 counts of breaching family violence orders.

The alleged victim, a 41-year-old female, has been giving evidence this morning.

The court heard that Mr Hall allegedly held the woman by her throat against a wall at their Newnham home on Christmas Eve 2012.

A short time later he pulled her legs out from under her causing her to fall on her elbows.

Their relationship then continued in sporadic matter, she said.

The third assault allegedly occurred in the car park of Archers Manor where Mr Hall has grabbed her wrist during an argument.

The hearing continues.