Launceston man to vie for pole position

Launceston's Dan Hillas.
Launceston's Dan Hillas.

LAUNCESTON's Dan Hillas is one of a number of Tasmanian men taking on pole dancing for fitness.

While the pole centred in his lounge room has been met with raised eyebrows and jeers from his mates, Hillas's short career of less than a year with the performance art has taken him to state championships where he will vie for recognition as Tasmania's best male pole dancer.

Hillas said pole dance delivered an incredible workout and was, above all, enjoyable.

"It's fun and it's great exercise," he said.

"It does help to have strength but it's not that restrictive at all.

"Most people would be able to do it."

Tasmanian Pole Fitness Championships organiser Bec Collins said men were increasingly picking up pole dance - more for fitness through classes rather than competition.

And she said men generally warmed to the activity more for fitness than sexuality or erotica.

"It attracts the same sort of guys into parkour, acrobatics and martial arts," Ms Collins said.

"The guys that are competing on the pole are doing ridiculously hardcore moves, like holding their body straight out from the pole and even doing backflips on and off the pole."

The Tasmanian Pole Fitness Championships will be held in Hobart on January 18.