'Court rage' from Waverley woman

A Waverley woman has told a court to ``jam it'' in a fit of rage during a minor drug hearing.

Megan Jane Chilcott, 26, said she just wanted to go home when asked if she was changing her plea.

Chilcott had pleaded guilty to using and possessing cannabis and a smoking device, but was fighting a selling charge.

The prosecution led with evidence that Chilcott's phone had messages indicating she was selling cannabis. 

Detective Constable Chris Knight from the Northern drug squad said he seized the phone when he searching Chilcott's home in June.

Under cross examination Chilcott asked the detective how she could be selling drugs if she got nothing in return. 

Magistrate Simon Brown weighed in to explain that under the law a person did not need to profit to be deemed selling.

``All I do is help friends, how is that selling?,'' she said. 

Midway through another explanation Chilcott erupted in anger. 

``Jam it up ya f*****g arse,'' she yelled.

Chilcott refused to participate in the rest of the hearing or say whether she was changing her plea.

Magistrate Brown found the charge proved but said it was at the low end of the scale.

He fined Chilcott $400 saying prior to her court behaviour she'd been co-operative.