Euthanasia debate

KEN Wheeler (Letters, October 24) felt that the euthanasia bill was akin to government sanctioned murder. What utter nonsense.

Murder is when a life is taken without the consent of the victim.

The only exception is when a death sentence is carried out in accordance with the criminal law of the country concerned.

Euthanasia is ending the life of a person at his-her request and therefore with their consent.

What difference does it make to those not in favour if a euthanasia law is passed in parliament? You  do not have to ask for euthanasia if it is against your religious conviction or perhaps your non- religious fears.

I, therefore, do not find it acceptable that the majority of our members of parliament have decided to vote against the acceptance of the euthanasia bill.

This is most certainly not a matter to be decided by the personal views of politicians.

- RUDY ZEEMAN, Norwood.