National ban for sport drink ingredient

A HARMFUL sport supplement ingredient has been outlawed in Tasmania.

The ingredient DMAA (or 1,3-dimethylamylamine) was officially banned from sale, possession, supply and use yesterday across the country.

Environmental health state manager Stuart Heggie said the decision followed a verdict made by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which found the ingredient was linked with adverse health effects such as high blood pressure, cerebral haemorrhage, stroke and death in Australia and overseas.

Prospect supplement retailer Anthony Brown said his store had, up until yesterday's ban, regularly sold supplements that included DMAA.

Mr Brown said two of the most popular products to be outlawed were Jack3d and OxyElite Powder because of their effective nature and fat burning qualities.

``(When the ban date was announced) we had a lot of people flood in, stocking up on the products, because they've used them in the past, they've worked and they like the results,'' he said.

Mr Brown said he had not heard of anyone experiencing adverse side-effects, save a bit of sleeplessness.

``Mixed with alcohol, energy drinks or having `double doses', yeah, they will have a bad side-effect. But so will a lot of things if you misuse them,'' he said.

The administration outlawed DMAA at the start of the month.

banned ingredients

banned ingredients


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