Alcohol a factor in altercation: court told

A Ringarooma man accused of glassing a poker tournament organiser later said he had ``too much to drink'' and ``wasn't thinking'' at the time of a hotel confrontation, a Launceston court has heard.

Joshua David Salter, 20, of Ringarooma, has pleaded not guilty in the Launceston Supreme Court to wounding poker host Mark Adrian Davenport, 47, of West Launceston.

The incident took place on September 1, 2011, at the Newstead Hotel, where Mr Salter was drinking with his friend Daniel Cattigan and Mr Davenport was hosting a ``knockout'' poker tournament.

The court heard things became heated when Mr Davenport approached the two men in the establishment's car park and accused them of urinating on one of his poker tables that had been stored in the foyer ready to take out to his vehicle.

Mr Davenport received two 10-centimetre lacerations to his head as a result of the altercation.

The jury heard evidence from Launceston CIB Detective Constable Jared Lightfoot, who interviewed Mr Salter the morning after the incident.

The court was shown a video recording of the interview in which Mr Salter said that he was ``fairly drunk'' and ``wasn't thinking properly''.

Mr Salter said that at the time of striking Mr Davenport he ``didn't realise I had the glass in my hand'' until the glass smashed and he received a cut to his thumb.

``Sounds like it was an impulsive thing, fair to say?'' Detective Constable Lightfoot said in the interview.

``Yes,'' Mr Salter said.

Crown prosecutor Virginia Jones suggested that Mr Salter was aware that he had the glass in his hand and that swinging his arm to hit Mr Davenport was ``quite a conscious movement''.

Ms Jones said at no point in the interview did Mr Salter tell police that Mr Davenport had made him feel threatened and that his action was made in self defence.

Defence lawyer Evan Hughes said there were inconsistencies in evidence given by witnesses and suggested the jury watch the police video interview to make their own judgment.

Justice Shan Tennent said it was up to the jury to find whether Mr Salter had intentionally caused a wound or was being reckless.

The trial is expected to finish today.