Government woes

IT is clear that the problems we face in government here in Tasmania are almost identical to the problems the entire nation faces in Canberra.

Both Labor governments are in the minority and are being held together with flour and water paste rather than the super glue of majority government.

It might be true to say that no one believes in Premier Lara Giddings any more than they believe in Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Our Premier has yet to realise that her botched together power- grabbing political marriage with the Greens has not worked.

Our Prime Minister has yet to realise that the mendacity of the statement "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead" will never be forgotten or forgiven.

On stage they sound convincing but once the curtain falls the gloom of reality finds their dressing rooms unlit and full of desperate understudies with long knives.

Their audacity is not in question but their performances are hollow in the light of day.

If they are our shepherds we are all lost sheep.

- LEN LANGAN, Longford.