Watch and Act alert for Risdon Vale fire

A vegetation fire at Risdon Vale in the state's south has been upgraded to a Watch and Act alert.

Residents in the area have been advised to activate their bushfire plans.

The Tasmanian Fire Service say the fire at Downhams Road may affect the communities of  Downhams Road, Risdon Vale and properties along Flagstaff Gully Road, Tasman Highway fringe, Cambridge Road, Cambridge residents and residents of Mount Rumney in the next  2-6 hours.

It is currently creating spot-fires up to one kilometre ahead.These spot fires may threaten your home earlier than the predicted main fire front.

There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on  Risdon Vale, Flagstaff Gully, Mornington, Cambridge and Mount Rumney .

There are no road closures at this stage.    

Due to fire fighting efforts 17,000 Aurora customers are currently without power.

Power is currently out in several areas including: the Coal Valley (Richmond/Campania) north to Oatlands including Oatlands, Tasman Peninsula south of Sorell and along the East Coast from Sorell to Coles Bay.