School focus wrong

LET me get this right. Two of my fellow councillors are suggesting that the state government investigate spending say $20 million on a school for Legana, when there are four primary schools and three high schools within an eight-minute drive either way?

As the chairperson of one of those school's Parents and Friends Association, I know they are struggling for enrolments as it is.

It seems largely due to families having to move out of the state to find work due to the downturn in the economy here.

If the government had a spare $20 million wouldn't that be better spent on our health system, creating jobs, protecting our children at risk, and increasing our police?

The increased population in Legana has brought with it a larger younger population base. Therefore for some time I have encouraged the establishment of youth-based activities, such as a skate park, in the area.

- RICK SHEGOG, West Tamar Council councillor.