It's the thought that counts: 10 free Valentine's Day gifts

Celebrating Valentine's doesn't have to break the bank. Here's a few romantic ideas that won't cost a cent.

Whip up a meal together: cooking will bring you closer together, and it's great fun.

Take a load off: Is there a chore your partner just hates doing? Offer to take care of it for them, whether it's just for the day or longer.

Stay in: Curling up on the lounge and watching a DVD together could be just the thing for a stressed-out couple.

Get away: go bush, head to the park or go for a wander to find a quiet spot.

Jot it down: a random love note or letter can speak volumes.

Create a soundtrack: the mix tape may be dead, but a playlist of your love's favourite songs can still be a smash hit.

Get practical: got something you're an expert at? Nothing beats a truly personalised gift.

Show it: can't be there in person? Record your messages of love and put them on YouTube.

Sweet serenade: belt out a favourite tune and you'll be sure to melt their heart.

Save the date: Who says Valentine's has to fall on a fixed date? Spend the time planning a truly romantic day in the near future and as a bonus, you'll avoid the crowds that accompany the big day.