Sentence today for unplanned dope crop

A LONGFORD man who grew an unplanned cannabis crop in his backyard will be sentenced today for cultivating and possessing a controlled plant.

Police found 50 plants growing behind a woodpile at the home of Johannes Cornelius Konyn, 47, on February 20 last year.

They also found about 2 kilograms of leaf, stalk and bud in a tin outside his home, another 16.2 grams in a small tin next to the barbecue and 51.6 grams in a metal tin on the lounge room floor.

Konyn was originally charged with trafficking in the drug but lawyer Evan Hughes told the Launceston Magistrates Court yesterday that the indictable charge was dropped when it became clear his client had never intended to sell any of the crop. Konyn told police he had not planted the cannabis, but had watered the plants that sprang up from discarded seeds and cuttings.

``What was recovered from the property was a selection of plants that had grown higgledy-piggledy near the shed,'' Mr Hughes said.

``Mr Konyn would pluck bits of the plants off and put it in the big tin, leaf and stalk as well as usable parts.''

Police prosecutor Kim Hibble said Konyn told police he was a recreational marijuana user, and had tended the plants with the intention of growing enough to last himself a year.

Mr Hughes said Konyn lost his job when the drug trafficking charge was reported last year and had only just regained employment.