Bushfire update

3.55PM UPDATE: A large bushfire at Montumana in the North-West has been declared an emergency, with the Tasmania Fire Service warning it is likely too late to leave the area.

According to the fire service, the uncontrolled blaze is putting the Mawbanna area at direct high risk.

The fire may create spot-fires up to one-kilometre ahead.These spot fires may threaten homes earlier than the predicted main fire front.

There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Mawbanna Road, from Dip Road to Newhaven Road. These roads are closed.

The fire service has advised residents wanting to stay and defend their properties to activate their bushfire plan now.

Residents who don't have a plan or want to leave their properties should leave now - but only if the path is clear.

The nearest refuge centre is set up at the Stanley Recreation Centre.

2.40PM UPDATE:  A grass fire at Epping Forest has worsened, with Tasmania Fire Service warning the danger is very high.

The uncontrolled fire may affect the communities surrounding the historic Valleyfield property within the next four hours.

The bushfire is creating spot-fires up to half a kilometre ahead, and these spot fires may threaten homes earlier than the predicted main fire front.

There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on  Isis Road, Valleyfield Road, Macquarie Road through to Campbell Town .

Barton Road from the Midlands Highway is closed, as is Valleyfield Road from Barton Road to Macquarie Road.

12.20PM UPDATE: A Bushfire at Montumana in the North-West has worsened, with the Tasmania Fire Service warning that communities in Montumana and Mawbanna may be affected in the next six hours.

The alert level for the high-risk, uncontrolled fire has been upgraded to watch and act, meaning residents should act now to protect themselves. 

Residents are advised to check their bushfire plan if they want to stay and defend their homes, or prepare to leave for a safer location.

The fire service has warned there may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Mawbanna, Montumana, Rocky Cape, Sisters Beach and Detention River.

Roads from Yanns Road to Coopers Road at Montumana are reportedly closed.

Elsewhere in the state, closures on the Arthur Highway have been extended to include the stretch of road between  the junction of Old Forcett Road and the junction of Nubeena Road, as well as the Arthur Highway at Nubeena.   

Earlier: Bushfires at Forcett in the South and Lake Repulse in the Central Highlands are still a major worry but the fire near Bicheno on the East Coast is causing less concern.

The large bushfire in the state's south between Forcett and the Tasman Peninsular is not controlled and the fire danger rating for the area is high.

This fire is expected to today affect the communities of Taranna and Eaglehawk Neck on the southern side and Blow Hole Road, Blackman Bay Road and Bangor area to the north of the peninsular.

In the Central Highlands, the  large  bushfire at Dawson Road, Lake Repulse is now centred east of Ellendale.

The fire danger rating in this area is  high and the fire in not controlled. The fire is today expected to affect the communities of Ellendale, Karanja, Westerway, Hamilton and Ouse.

On the Tasman Highway near Bicheno on the East Coast, the long-running fire there is posing no immediate threat to communities.

The fire danger rating in this area is  high. There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Coles Bay Road south of Apsley River and the Tasman Highway south of Bicheno.

Numerous other fires are burning around the state and many roads are closed.