It's raining . . . women!

IF you're looking for a female partner, the Meander Valley, where almost 52 per cent of the population is female, is one of the best places to be.

Figures from last year's Australian Bureau of Statistics also show that in Launceston, 51.5 per cent of the population is female, while in the West Tamar it is just above 51 per cent.

It's a different story on the West Coast where more than 52 per cent of the population is male, and in Kentish, where more than 51 per cent of the population is male.

Regional statistics from the Census also show the West Tamar has the highest median weekly income - $1028 - in Northern Tasmania.

The West Coast also has a high median weekly income of $966, and one of the lowest median weekly rent figures in the state of $125.

Median weekly mortgage repayments on the West Coast are also lower than most, at $769.

Launceston's median weekly income is $907, compared with Hobart's $1260 and the median weekly rent was $200, compared with $260 in Hobart.

The median weekly mortgage repayment in Launceston was $1300 while in Hobart it was $1700.

Since 2006, median weekly rent has risen by $70 in the West Tamar and the Meander Valley, by $60 in Launceston, Devonport and Latrobe, and by $35 on the West Coast and in Dorset.