Award music to ears of Riverside student

Riverside High School student Darcy O'Malley has been hitting all the right notes this year, earning a national brass award and impressive results in his music examinations.

The 15-year-old Trevallyn musician has just been announced as the winner of the Musicians' Union of Australia award for brass, following an outstanding performance in his seventh grade Australian Music Examinations Board trumpet examination.

In addition to gaining honours in the trumpet examination, Darcy achieved honours for fourth grade classical guitar and a high distinction for fifth grade piano for leisure.

Darcy said the award capped off a big year, which also saw him accepted into the Australian Youth Orchestra's young symphonists program for 2013.

''I didn't even know the award existed before I won it . . . but it's all been really encouraging for me to keep following music,'' Darcy said.

''I'm definitely looking to move to Hobart after college and study at the Conservatorium of Music before hopefully going and doing my master's overseas.''

Newnham's Katrina Wong, 12, also did well this year, gaining a high distinction in her seventh grade piano for leisure examination and winning the Barratt's AMEB music prize, awarded to the most outstanding candidate in Northern Tasmania.

 Musicians' Union of Australia award for brass winner Darcy O'Malley, 15, of Trevallyn.   Picture: PHILLIP BIGGS

Musicians' Union of Australia award for brass winner Darcy O'Malley, 15, of Trevallyn. Picture: PHILLIP BIGGS

Musicians' Union of Australia exam results (Northern Tasmania):

DRUM KIT: Advancing Step 2, M. Fletcher.

KEYBOARD: Preliminary Grade, A.O. Cole, K. Landsberg, C.J. Lewis. First Grade, E.L. Forbes, J.W. Goelst, J.E. Langham, S.R. Langham, B.S. Mundy. Second Grade, H.M. Adkins, H.R. Cole, H. Den Hartog, L. McCallumsmith, R.I.K. Sydes, C. Vandervelde. Fourth Grade, L.J. Adkins, W. Den Hartog, J.H. Duncan, H.A. Jolly. Fifth Grade,  J.J. Narkowicz, C.J. Zuiddam. Sixth Grade, M. Zuiddam. Seventh Grade, W.S. Jolly.

EUPHONIUM: Third Grade, J.L. Young.

FRENCH HORN: Second Grade, A.F. Ball, R.H. Jamson. Third Grade, L.J. McDonald. Sixth Grade, Z.E. Brookes.

TROMBONE: First Grade, Q.E. O'Loughlin. Second Grade: P.E. Luttrell, N. Spanos. Third Grade, J.H. Roberts. Fourth Grade, J.B. Walsh. Fifth Grade J.B. Walsh.

TRUMPET: First Grade, B.L. Lawrence, N.J. Watts. Second Grade, N.J. Patrick, G.D.A. Voorham. Third Grade: L.F. Blazley, M.K. James, W.T. McLean, K. Spilling. Seventh Grade, D.S. O'Malley.


Preliminary Grade, A.R. McKinlay. First Grade, E.J. Jones. Fourth Grade, O. Marshall, D.S. O'Malley, M.G. Spratt


BASSOON NEW SYLLABUSZ: First Grade, R.J. Hodgson.

CLARINET: Second Grade, C.S. Auckland, E.J. Scott. Fourth Grade, C.A. Edwards

S.A. Howard. Fifth Grade, C.J. Hyland, C.G. Kavic, Sixth Grade, J.M. Spaulding

CLARINET NEW SYLLABUS: First Grade, H.M. Collins, K.N. Haysom, M.K. Johnston. Second Grade, * J.W. Edwards, J.I. Els. Third Grade, J.E. Horder-Geraghty, D.O. Waites, M.C. Young. Fourth Grade, K.A. Howe, H.A. Israel, Eighth Grade,R.K. Clarkson

FLUTE: First Grade, G.A. Brierley, S.H. Jaeger, M.C. Murcott, J.J. Ralph. Second Grade, C.A. Broomby, F. Colley, A.M. Goldsack, R.F. Gregory, S.H. Jaeger, P. Smallwood, L.S. Woodfield. Third Grade, A. James, R.M. Pridmore-Johnston, G.E. Tompson, K.Y. Turmine, D.M. Williams. Fourth Grade,  N.R. Laing, N. Lam, G. Maier. Fifth Grade, R. Bezemer, A.J. Reid, L.E. Ritchie. Seventh Grade, A.R. Grist, K.A. Parkes.

OBOE: Seventh Grade, A.G. Stewart.

SAXOPHONE - B FLAT NEW SYLLABUS: Sixth Grade, C.T. Petrusma.

SAXOPHONE - E FLAT: Third Grade, A.C. Kapinga. Fifth Grade, G.R. King.

SAXOPHONE - E FLAT NEW SYLLABUS: Third Grade, Z. Nicholas. Fourth Grade, T.A. Gibbons. Fifth Grade, T.A. Gibbons.

SAXOPHONE FOR LEISURE: Preliminary Grade, A.C. Winspear. Third Grade H. Els.  Fourth Grade, B. Donoghue, M.A. McTigue. Fifth Grade, B.X. Crothers.

P PLATE PIANO: Book 2, J.R. McMurray.

PIANO: Preliminary Grade, E.M. Bartlett, * E.J.E. Dean, A. Harding, * J.E. Horder-Geraghty, B. Howell, * B. Stuart, G.M. Williams, * T.W.L. Wyly, First Grade, S.L.L. Gale, C. Gartside, E.C. Jones, E.C. Reeve, T.A. Van Dijk, C.R. Woolston, A.D. Zuiddam. Second Grade, * C.W. Curran, H.G. Gambles, E. Gowen., S.H. Jaeger, T.A. Rehrmann, * W.E. Robertson, * J.I. Saville, L.G. Todd. Third Grade, Y.Y. Mackeddie, H.T. Nguyen. Fourth Grade, C.M. Gale, P. Gartside, B.C. Hine, R.H. Jamson, R. Li. Fifth Grade, S.S. Kisseleva, * P.E. Russo, * S.M. Van Asperen. Sixth Grade, C. Li,* E.T.J. Shorter, M. Wimmer. Seventh Grade, M.L. Els. Eighth Grade,G.V. Cleary.

PIANO FOR LEISURE: Preliminary Grade, G.C.J. Loane, L.G. Woodham. First Grade, F. Prebble. Second Grade, C.K. Hall. Fifth Grade, C.S. Auckland, K. Johns.

PIANO FOR LEISURE NEW SYLLABUS: Preliminary Grade  M.G. Alexander, A.M. Anderson, C.D. Bean, W.J. Bennett, W.J. Bennett, B.J. Bissett, J.T. Bissett, * D.M. Brain, R.M. Bye, * J.R. Chamberlin, W.B. Charlton, K.A. Clark, K. Dickson, L. Dickson, G. Dioguardi, R.J. Dunne, * A.R. Durston, L.I. Faulkner, K.N. Grace, H.S. Grimshaw, S.G. Habel, E.K. Haberle, * L.A. Holder, A.R. Hulse. * M.G. Iezzi, H.G.M. Innocent, H.E. Marik, K.N. McDonald, B.H. Nguyen, D.L. Nguyen, N.H. Nguyen, A.K. Reid, O.H. Ruzicka, J. Schouten, C.M. Sebastian, K.I. Sherriff. * A.J. Smith,  B.K. Sturzaker, W.R. Trimble, * A. Wickham, L.E. Winspear, E.G. Wise, S. Wood. First Grade, J.M. Bain, A.E. Bean, S. Brown, L.R. Burr, T. Buzzai Wilson, J. Cameron, A.K. Crocker, C.M. Cruickshank, E.A. Denholm, A.G. Drew, C.S. Grace, P. Grove, J.M. Habel, L. Heys, B.E. Hill, H.G.M. Innocent, E.S. McLean, M.C. Murcott, D.L. Nguyen, A.C.E. Pearson, K.R. Richardson, O.G. Santamaria, C.L. Shegog-Fisher,  Z.L. Sherriff, T. Sladden, K. Stanton, H.B. Swan, S.L. Unwin, E.M. Van Galen, L.J. Walker, H.K. Woo. Second Grade, E.A. Barr, M.A. Beck, M.A.M. Brown, M. Cettolin, L.M. Cogger, Y.A. Cruickshank, C.E. Cunningham, E.M. Cunningham, M.A. Cunningham, L.G. Horne, N.E. James, T.D. Nast, M.J. Overton, W.A. Pearce, C. Richardson, C. Robinson, S. Singh, J.C. Smallwood, C.J. Smith, E.E. Sydes, K.F. Van Dijk, E.W. Wynne, A.G. Youngman. Third Grade, K.J.D. Bradbury, F.G.M. Brown, A.L. Cunningham, Z.A. De Jersey, J.K. Griffiths, H.A. Israel, S.C.W. King, K.J. Knight,  J.G. Lynch, K.R.E. Maclaren, T.L. McKay, L. Robertson, Y.M. Shegog, J.M. Smyth, T.J. Squires, K.A. Stanton, Z.A. Stuart. Fourth Grade, J.W.K. Argent, I.R.E. Armstrong, N. Cettolin, A.A.J. Cox, Y.C. De Jersey, M.E. Fleming, A.L. Holmes, J. Lipska, L. McKay, J.W. Morgan, A.E.A. Pearson, K. Richardson, R. Roberts, E.C. Tompson, S.M. Walker. Fifth Grade, C.J. Adams, M.E. Bowman, G. Cano Cocker, A.A.J. Cox, C.L. Farrell, C.R. Hall, M.P. Heath, E.J. Hesketh, A.L. Holmes, D. Koh, L.M. McCallumsmith, B.R. Muir, X.T. Parish, H.A. Strong, G.E. Walker, H.M. Walker. Sixth Grade, A.F. Ball, * S. Francis, J.D. Gordon, S.C. Green, J.M. Lupo, H.S. McCallumsmith, Z.G. Merrington, S.D. Parish, T.S. Tattersall, A.C. Van Galen. Seventh Grade, D.J. Nickson, G.S. O'Malley, S.N. Reid, * K.E.C. Wong. Eighth Grade, L.D. Trenwith

CELLO NEW SYLLABUS: Third Grade, L.R. Briddon, J.C. Smallwood

VIOLA: First Grade, S.M. Triffit.

VIOLIN: Preliminary Grade, E.N. Morrow, N.J. Patrick, A. Raj, H.K. Robertson, G. Watson. First Grade E.M. Howe, M.B. Morrow.

SINGING: Fourth Grade, A.F. Ball.

SINGING FOR LEISURE: Preliminary Grade, H. Barracu, O. Barracu. First Grade, Z.A. Neville, E. Sorman. Second Grade, N.M. Macdonald. Third Grade, G.L. Gardiner.

SINGING NEW SYLLABUS: First Grade, D. Razay. Third Grade, B. Murray. Fourth Grade, M.E. Bowman, I.K. Brown, N.M. Connelley. Fifth Grade, G.E. Denney, * J.W. Morgan



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