Witch hunt 

GIVEN that as of yet the reasons for the British nurse deceived by the 2DayFM DJs committing suicide have not been made public, I find the vicious witch-hunt being conducted against those DJs to be disturbing.  As it stands, the information being drip fed to the media indicates the nurse harboured more ill-feeling toward the hospital and colleagues than the DJs. Regardless, the whole sad saga should never have been allowed to occur. The hospital should be condemned for not having in place the necessary security protocols to vet calls being made to, or inquiring about, a royal patient. The press in England is notorious for underhanded practices and that no protocols were in place, or if they were, were not adhered to, at the hospital is where the real blame lies. Nobody should be put through to the ward of a royal regardless of who they claim to be. To be blaming the DJs for the hospital's mismanagement is a case of shooting the messenger. 

- GEOFF MCLEAN, Launceston.