Planning scheme changes rejected

THE West Tamar Council yesterday rejected state government amendments to its draft interim planning scheme.

The council joined ranks with dissatisfied Meander Valley and Northern Midlands councils and refused draft amendments made by Planning Minister Bryan Green.

A nine-point letter was returned to Mr Green, outlining amendments that were required for the council's acceptance.

``(I move that) we respectfully ask the minister to approve the draft interim planning scheme 2012 as submitted, or direct the Tasmanian Planning Commission to make modifications,'' West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther said.

He said proposed golf course developments at Greens Beach and Craggy Ridge were being held back by the minister's amendments.

A submission was also sent to the Launceston City Council highlighting   disappointment in Launceston for varying from the regional model planning scheme.

A report from West Tamar municipal planner Michael Purves commented on about 43 technical points that  conflicted with the regional model  or planning outlines.

Cr John Watson said: ``The whole purpose of this was to ensure its consistency across the board  -  suddenly one of the eight (councils) has decided to not be a part of the team.''

Cr Easther said it was disappointing.

``This derogates the consensus that was reached and cannot be supported,'' he said.

West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther

West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther