Poatina Road fire update

EIGHTEEN Tasmanian Fire Service emergency vehicles have joined the fire fighting efforts along Poatina Road, Central Plateau.

A Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said the extra personnel were called to help defend Transend powerlines already under threat and also the community of Flintstone on Arthurs Lake.

She said there was no threat at the moment to people at Flintstone but if conditions changed they would be on hand.

``We don't want to be caught short if things change and we need them,'' she said. 

Parks & Wildlife Service and other emergency personnel already at the scene total 43 firefighters, 11 vehicles and five helicopters.

The blaze has so far burnt about 7550 hectares and the fire front is about one kilometre long.


Tasmania Police have advised that Poatina Road is closed at the Highland Lakes Road intersection through to the township of Poatina as a result of a  bush fire that has been burning in the Central Plateau for more than a week.

The fire this  morning was upgraded to a Watch and Act alert.

The Tasmanian Fire Service says the fire danger rating is high and the fire may affect the communities of  Flintstone and Pump House Bay and the campgrounds of Jonah Bay and Hydro Bay on Saturday.

This bushfire is currently not controlled.

Roads will be affected by smoke and emergency vehicles. Drive carefully and turn on headlights.

 Poatina Road is closed at the Highland Lakes Road intersection through to the township of Poatina.

The TFS advise residents to start taking action now to protect you and your family.

Check your bushfire plan now; well constructed and prepared homes are defendable in these conditions.

If you don’t have a bushfire plan or your plan is to leave, prepare to leave for a safer place, such as a relative or friends place away from the area.

Residents should consider leaving the affected area if conditions worsen if the path is clear.