Fire threat to Musselroe Bay homes

EVACUATION may be necessary for Musselroe Bay residents after a large bushfire breached Tasmania Fire Service containment lines.

The fire service said the out-of-control blaze is expected to reach the North-East township by midnight tonight.

Fire crews had been stood down earlier today after initially containing the 90-hectare fire, but have been redeployed to the area.

No roads are closed, however Musselroe Bay residents have been told to review and initiate their bushfire plans.

The service said if residents do not have a bushfire plan, or if their plan is to leave, they should now prepare to vacate to a safer place or evacuate if conditions worsen.

People have been advised to monitor ABC local radio and the Tasmania Fire Service website at for further instructions.

If there is any fire activity causing you concern, report it to the fire service by calling triple zero.ntsa

Fires are threatening East Coast homes

Fires are threatening East Coast homes