Live locally, but compete globally

TASMANIA is my favourite place in the world.

It's easy to lose sight of why we live in Tasmania and why we love the place when some parts of the local economy are doing it tough and there is the perception of abundance in other states.

We need to punch above our weight as a state. We need to keep our people here.

We need to create opportunity for our young people to stay here and we need to develop and educate our young people into people who LIVE LOCALLY, BUT COMPETE GLOBALLY.

My vision for Tasmania includes finding ways to keep our young people - the entrepreneurs, the creative people, the business people and, most importantly, families - in our state and passionate about our state.

I believe this is fundamental in creating a vibrant future for Tasmania.

This happens when we create a place where people believe they can do the things they aspire to with their career, lifestyle, social and family lives, etc, etc.

A place of abundance.

I love the fact that we are a small population, it's one of our greatest assets. The open space, fresh air, country town feel but only an hour from a major city (Melbourne).

We need our people to believe they can achieve their aspirations from Tasmania.

I think Tasmania has every opportunity to be the forefront of Live Local, Compete Global.

We are the most privileged generation in history.

No other time in history has had the privilege of connectivity with the whole world at the same time as living in a state that has some of the greatest natural assets on the planet; from the natural beauties like the Bay of Fires and endless amounts of unpopulated beaches, to the open spaces, the natural bushland, and our waterways that allow us to fish or enjoy watersports, and everything else we sometimes take for granted as Tasmanians.

Where else would you want to live?

Live Local Compete Global embraces creativity, opportunity, entrepreneurialism and growth.

I am the first to say we need to keep Tasmania clean and green, but we need entrepreneurial and political alignment to keep the state vibrant and growing to utilise our natural resources.

If we are going to compete, to grow and to thrive, we need to align. We need our 29 councils to act as one or become one.

We need the people who are passionate about creating sustainability and growth in our economy to be embraced by the people who are passionate about protecting the sustainability of our natural resources.

Together these parties can create the outcome of a clean, green and vibrant state.

You shouldn't have to leave Tasmania.

Everything we need and want is here including being only one hour from Melbourne, three hours from the Gold Coast, etc.

We are well situated, but I think we need to embrace technology so people can do business, learn, teach, grow, contribute and add value by connecting with the rest of the world.

We need to remember there has been no other time in history where you can live an awesome and abundant lifestyle from a peaceful, clean and natural place like Tassie, at the same time as being able to do business, or learn, teach, connect with and engage the rest of the world.

My vision for Tasmania is that we embrace technology like this and connect with the rest of the world, we enjoy what we have here.

We have snow, sun, beaches and bush. We have the city and the country.

We have contrast and variety and a community that is proud to be Tasmanian.

That's my vision and a glimpse of why I love Tasmania.

But if all else fails, let's turn all our golf courses into motocross tracks and go ride.

•Brad Smith established the motorcycle business Braaap. He has won awards for Young Australian of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was runner- up for International Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith


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