Blackstone speed user found guilty

A BLACKSTONE Heights man who tried to extract pseudoephedrine from cold and flu tablets in a granny flat under his mother's house has been found guilty of attempting to make a controlled precursor to a controlled drug for sale.

Thomas James Aliano, 32, pleaded not guilty to the charge before a two-day trial at the Supreme Court in Launceston this week because he said he did not intend to sell the end product.

Aliano told the jury on Tuesday that he was a user of speed and was trying to make it for his own use.

The jury found Aliano not guilty of actually extracting or making pseudo-ephedrine, which is a controlled precursor to methylamphetamine, with the intention of making the drug for sale.

But it did find him guilty of attempting to do so. It also found him guilty of possessing a thing used in the manufacture of a controlled drug for sale. Aliano was remanded in custody and will be sentenced by Chief Justice Ewan Crawford today.