Freight concerns 

 A great job was done by Bob Gozzi during that inactive government period.  He was responsible with several other concerned exporters in getting the $20 million assistance that Denison independent MHR Andrew Wilkie got for Tasmanian exporters. This was later reduced to $14.5 million after being milked by former premier David Bartlett's office which now has formed a 19-man committee with 37 per cent government nominees.  The balance is made up of shippers and transporters and several large exporters.  There is no one on this committee representing small exporters and the rural industry apart from Jan Davis, who cannot get across the meat industry, the milk industry, fruit industry, timber industry and wool industry. Is the chairman prepared to accept submissions from the other exporters about their problems and is he prepared to have a hard look at the unfair sections in the Freight Equalisation Scheme that work against Tasmanian businesses and their future expansion? Should this committee not be receptive to all exporters and not just their personal businesses, it will be doomed as a failure.