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Grrr... brains!

If you've not already seen the latest mind bogglingly awesome zombie television series from HBO, then put down your Macumba dolls and start hooking in!

The first five episodes of season three have just been released and are better than ever (after sadly trailing off into some kind of soapy bullshit at the end of season two).

The series is right up there with the top zombie flicks in terms of suspense, particularly in the initial episodes of season one, graphics and - of course - gore.

Dig in chumps, there's brains for the squeezin'. - JAMES BRADY


LANA DEL REY: BORN TO DIE (The Paradise Edition)

The re-release of her debut album, the singer-songwriter has included an extra disc with eight new tracks. 

These extra tracks are well worth a listen.

But it's her previous hit singles Born to Die, Video Games and Blue Jeans that remain the highlight of this collection. - ALEX FAIR


This is the Florida punk rock band's long awaited eighth album, released this year _ their first in eight years.

It seems the Hot Water Music sabbatical for Chuck Regan and Chris Wollard did them both good with this 12-track thumper, which starts with the infectious opener Mainline.

Although it doesn't have the raw appeal of HWM's earlier releases, the songs are polished, sweat laboriousness, and have the welcome sound of Regan's trademark raspiness.

Exister has gone from being one of this year's most anticipated releases to one of the most enjoyed. - MATT MALONEY


Speaking of enjoyment, it's pretty hard not to have fun with a NOFX album.

Punk rock's biggest brat behind Kris Roe, Fat Mike, continues to sneer and poke fun at the way things are with the slight difference being his poking fun at himself.

Punk fans enjoy dissecting this band's newest releases - either to trash them for their own perceived credibility or to bemoan the good ol' mid-1990s - and it will be done with this one.

It's all pretty simple though: they've become a wealthy band with a huge following but can still dish up some fun tunes.

Particular favourites are the opener 72 Hookers, This Machine Is 4, She Didn't Lose Her Baby, and My Sycophant Others. - MATT MALONEY


Yep, I don't care how much you're sick of me raving about this band online - they're freaking amazing.

The ever-charismatic (hah) Ian Brown and his stoney crew are back in action and heading to Future Music Festival this year!

This album is the epitome of Brit pop.

Forget about Blur, Oasis and The Verve, take down your One Direction posters, stop licking the kitchen bench and download/buy/steal this album by any means necessary.

The album is the absolute number-one favourite of mine for the summer.

Sit back, grab a beverage and experience one of the most chilled out bands to come out of the limey shores. - JAMES BRADY


Don't worry, I still dig the heavier stuff - and where better to start than with death metal godfather Chuck Schuldiner's brainchild Death?

This was the gore-ridden debut album from the Florida group and included timeless - I'm not joking - metal classics such as Zombie Ritual, Regurgitated Guts, Torn to Pieces and Mutilation.

It also had the absolutely killer track Evil Dead, based off of none other than - uh huh, you guessed it - Sam Raimi's Evil Dead horror-gore flick.

The album was released in 1987 and still rips shit through most modern releases.

Forget your screamo (or `post hardcore' if that's what you want to call your spade) bands and wrap your ears around one of the bands to pioneer this genre of music. - JAMES BRADY



Much more than just a football book, this is an eye-opening look at the way cancer can change a man. Be it from a physical, mental or spiritual outlook.

 Stynes, the former Melbourne AFL player and president originally from Ireland, lost his battle this year, but his story will show you that he went down swinging. - ALEX FAIR


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