MHAs vote to ban tobacco donations

LEGISLATION banning political parties from accepting donations from tobacco companies passed the House of Assembly yesterday.

Labor and the Greens voted together to pass the legislation, with the opposition vehemently opposed.

The Liberals are the only party accepting such donations.

Greens health spokesman Paul O'Halloran said if politicians wanted Tasmanians to stop smoking it was only appropriate for them to set a good example.

Opposition justice spokeswoman Vanessa Goodwin said she would now seek the support of fellow MLCs to block the legislation in the Legislative Council.

"The passing of legislation in the House of Assembly to ban political donations from tobacco companies is not about health, it is about manipulating the Electoral Act to unfairly disadvantage an opponent," she said.

"If this legislation was really about health, Labor and the Greens would have also banned donations from alcohol companies and gambling; they have not, despite the Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs Council saying the government should give alcohol the same treatment as tobacco."


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