Integrity Commission independent: Wightman

Integrity Commission independent: Wightman

ATTORNEY-General Brian Wightman has responded to administrative law expert Rick Snell's comments about the state's Integrity Commission, saying he was confident that if any changes were required he would be notified.

University of Tasmania senior lecturer Professor Snell was critical of the commission's failure to ask for more powers and of Mr Wightman's comment that it was appropriate for the issue to be raised in a scheduled three-year review due next year.

''Even if that body doesn't expressively call for it (action) he should turn his mind to it,'' Professor Snell said.

Mr Wightman said the government took matters of integrity seriously.

''Given the role of the Integrity Commission, responsibility for oversight of the commission has been given to a parliamentary committee which is independent of government, and which is represented by members of all political parties,'' Mr Wightman said.

''If the committee, in consultation with the commission, determines that changes are required prior to the scheduled three-year review I am confident they will raise them with me.''

Mr Wightman added that chief Integrity Commissioner Murray Kellham had been clear that he believed there was no evidence of systemic corruption in Tasmania.