How to stop criminal from stealing your car number plates

It is not uncommon for number plates to be stolen from vehicles.

Criminals target cars that are similar to the car they are driving, in an attempt to avoid apprehension and identification when committing crimes.

If you ask someone who has had their plates stolen, they will soon tell you how costly, inconvenient and stressful it can be.

Police are asking community members to do all they can to secure their number plates and make them more difficult to remove. Police will continue to target and detect offenders, but they need your help.

If you notice your neighbour’s registration plate is recently missing, tell them, and encourage them to report it to police immediately.

If your number plates are stolen you will firstly need to report the theft to your local police. You will need to contact Service Tasmania and pay to get new plates. You will also need to contact your insurance company.

You will have some explaining to do if you are pulled up by the police as it is also an offence to drive a car without plates affixed.

A stolen number plate is most likely being used on a car that is being driven by someone without a licence or is disqualified from driving, and is potentially an unsafe or dangerous driver. They are also actively avoiding police in order to commit a range of crimes including petrol stealing, car theft and burglaries.

Thefts are occurring during the day and night and are being stolen from cars parked in all areas including carparks, public streets and private driveways.

Park your car in a secure place, off the street, ideally with garaging and sensor lighting. Stay alert, report suspicious behaviour to police.

You can buy anti-theft screws from most hardware and car accessory stores for less than $10.

More information: Tasmania Police, 131 444.