Brown Dun | Nation has perfect excuse to drop a line

OPPORTUNITY: If ever there was a chance to drop line, Gone Fishing Day is it.
OPPORTUNITY: If ever there was a chance to drop line, Gone Fishing Day is it.

Gone Fishing Day will be observed Australia-wide this Sunday, October 15 on freshwater and brine. Initiated by the Australian Recreational Fisheries Foundation, it is supported by the Inland Fisheries Service.

Fishing licences will not be needed to catch trout on this mid-spring day and the IFS will also generously stock inland venues for juniors.

To find your closest registered event, go to To register yourself and be eligible for prizes, go to

Sea Fisheries will coordinate coastal events, while also involved are Anglers Alliance Tasmania and angling clubs organising venues inland for junior anglers.

In the North West these are at Latrobe, Ulverstone and Penguin and in the South at New Norfolk.

The northern venue is on the Longford Fishing Club Dam, Elphinstone Road, Cressy. Contact Morgan Leath, 0487 766 334,

Check Facebook #GoneFishingDay for more activities and prizes.

Elsewhere, a local angler is worried about increasing amounts of green slime blanketing weed in Four Springs Lake. He is also concerned that many small trout lack condition.

Several others, however, were pleased with some localised, hefty browns they recently found taking duns and red spinners but willing to try floaters too.

Visitors will also appreciate the IFS grading and gravelling the access road.

An unusually large brownie of three kilograms has been taken from the lower Macquarie River, which benefits from flows boosted by Hydro releases down Brumbys Creek. Farther upstream, however, Macquarie levels around Stewarton have been low.