Claire Hooper to perform in Launceston

ROYAL APPEARANCE: Comedian Claire Hooper will perform stand up at the Royal Oak on September 22. Picture: Contributed.

ROYAL APPEARANCE: Comedian Claire Hooper will perform stand up at the Royal Oak on September 22. Picture: Contributed.

It may be difficult to draw comparisons between the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Oak Hotel, but comedian Claire Hooper will be hoping the audiences at the venues have a similar sense of humor.

The Perth performer will hit the stage in Launceston on Friday, September 22 on the back of a set at the Just for Laughs Sydney gala, where she is also set to perform.

She said the trip to Tasmania fulfilled a very specific purpose.

“We are treating Tassie as a holiday,” she said.

“I may have a gig, but it’s definitely not work.

“I’ve booked an Airbnb with my husband and kids.”

“So far, all I have done in Launceston is visit the gorge and see the monkeys in City Park, so I’m looking forward to having more of a look around.”

After bursting onto the scene at the 2005 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Ms Hooper continued to wow audiences with her stand-up show Oh, which centred on her discovery of a goitre. 

She complimented regular stand up sets with appearances on Good News Week and The Sideshow.

In 2015,  was cast as the co-host of the Great Australian Bake Off, where she appeared alongside Mel Buttle.

Despite her extensive resume within Australian television across the past decade, she said stand-up has always been her priority.

“I’ve always done way more stand up than TV,” she said.

“People may see me more on TV, but it’s not unusual for me to do six stand up shows in a week around Melbourne.

“It’s what I do more than anything else, but inevitably, it earns me the least money.

“However, if you are not keen for stand-up, you won’t be keen for everything else that comes along with it.”

Her stand-up appearances may have remained consistent throughout the past decade, but the comedians life away from the stage has been anything but.

Not only did she get married, but she has also become a parent, giving birth to daughter Penny three years ago.

Hooper said she was happy to let her act evolve organically as her life changes took place.

“As you get older, you get better at knowing what you do well,” she said.

“Now I’ve got kids, I talk about them knowing most of the audience probably don’t have kids.

“It’s a matter of framing it in a way so they can understand.”

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